I made an app that made my life easier

Recently, I made a small python app called easyCalendar, it is made for developers, mostly. This program helps you to get rid of mouse while making a daily plan, you just have to write a pure text file called plan.txt, and then run main.py, it will automaticly generate an ics file, which you can import it to your favorite visual calendar apps.

You can download it here .

New website

I built a new website that allows you to do analysis on your videos, it’s still work in progress.

The url is here, but it’s not working, to get it working, you need to download or clone my repository from Github here .

I am still working on the English version of this website, and trying to add support for youtube.

Making a voting website(part 2)

Recently I’ve just Finished my website, allowing everyone to see the stats page. By the way, MongoDB is very good, and I highly recommend it, MongoDB fixed my mysterious problems.

Here are the things that I have learned making this website:

  1. How to use MongoDB
  2. Making the site more beautiful with Material design
  3. Deploy sites with Heroku(before that I use Pythonanywhere, but Pythonanywhere doesn’t allow you to have custom domain names unless you pay).
  4. How good object-oriented is.
  5. How annoying the boss(which is my english teacher) can be.
  6. Using git and github with vscode.

I’m really happy that I have finished the project successfully, and most of the people like it.

PS: there's an easter egg in it! hint: 404

Making a voting website(part 1)

For 2 weeks I am making a voting website for SSBS. It has been a wonderful journey making a website, and I have learned a-lot.

Let’s get started with what the website I’ve made is about. Two weeks ago, my English class started a political campaign, the students are divided randomly into groups of five, and each group have to pick two marvel villains, and make them the president/vice president through debate, posters, and speeches. And the group with the most votes will win. My job is to create a website for people to vote.

The first few days is basically setting up. I made a Heroku account, and I bade the basic bugful version of the website. For future usage, I created a class called the Candidates, so that if I want another pair of candidate, I’ll just name one, without the complicated coding stuff. I choose to record down the score in a .json file, which works pretty fine in the local host, however, once I’ve uploaded this to Heroku, strange things happened: the stats page is extremely unsteady, and the data clears to zero everyday morning. I tried to find solution for that for an hour, but I still can’t solve it. So, I ignored it, and then I am working on a better user interface.

As you may know, I am bad at designing user interfaces, so, the first thing I think of, is there something, or some tool that may help me to get a better user interface? Well, there is. I used a css framework called mdl(Material design lite), so that I don’t even have to write css, I just have to add some classes into the objects in my html site. After doing that, my site looks brand-new. It looks just like a modern website with a hired front end developer!

This is the end of part one.

Visit my voting website

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