Making a voting website(part 1)

For 2 weeks I am making a voting website for SSBS. It has been a wonderful journey making a website, and I have learned a-lot.

Let’s get started with what the website I’ve made is about. Two weeks ago, my English class started a political campaign, the students are divided randomly into groups of five, and each group have to pick two marvel villains, and make them the president/vice president through debate, posters, and speeches. And the group with the most votes will win. My job is to create a website for people to vote.

The first few days is basically setting up. I made a Heroku account, and I bade the basic bugful version of the website. For future usage, I created a class called the Candidates, so that if I want another pair of candidate, I’ll just name one, without the complicated coding stuff. I choose to record down the score in a .json file, which works pretty fine in the local host, however, once I’ve uploaded this to Heroku, strange things happened: the stats page is extremely unsteady, and the data clears to zero everyday morning. I tried to find solution for that for an hour, but I still can’t solve it. So, I ignored it, and then I am working on a better user interface.

As you may know, I am bad at designing user interfaces, so, the first thing I think of, is there something, or some tool that may help me to get a better user interface? Well, there is. I used a css framework called mdl(Material design lite), so that I don’t even have to write css, I just have to add some classes into the objects in my html site. After doing that, my site looks brand-new. It looks just like a modern website with a hired front end developer!

This is the end of part one.

Visit my voting website

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