Making a voting website(part 2)

Recently I’ve just Finished my website, allowing everyone to see the stats page. By the way, MongoDB is very good, and I highly recommend it, MongoDB fixed my mysterious problems.

Here are the things that I have learned making this website:

  1. How to use MongoDB
  2. Making the site more beautiful with Material design
  3. Deploy sites with Heroku(before that I use Pythonanywhere, but Pythonanywhere doesn’t allow you to have custom domain names unless you pay).
  4. How good object-oriented is.
  5. How annoying the boss(which is my english teacher) can be.
  6. Using git and github with vscode.

I’m really happy that I have finished the project successfully, and most of the people like it.

PS: there's an easter egg in it! hint: 404

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